More than a chatbot.
We offer a Chat experience.

An intelligent virtual assistant that adapts to your business, delivering customer service and sales experiences that exceed expectations.

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Drive better results  through delivering better experiences.

Say goodbye to automated dialogues that don’t deliver solutions. With Chat-experience, each interaction is an opportunity to delight, surprise and build loyalty with your users. 

Click here to see how Guide121’s Chat-experience is different than your average chat bot.


How it works


Each user journey starts with an idea. We help by outlining objectives and how to best put your assistant in action.


Experiences are tightly linked to emotions. We use design thinking to create natural conversations that engage users at a higher level. Plus, we provide UX Consulting (optional).


We add funcionalities to your assistant by utilizing modules, AI, NPL ( Natural Language Processing ) , data and API integrations.


High level of quality control. We apply datailed  test scripts to ensure that your assistant is optimized for effiency and peformance.


Your new assistant is ready to go! Simply connect to your instant messenger channel and it does the rest.


Our support team ensures that your new assistant will deliver high quality experiences to your users by ensuring functionality and providing continuous enhancements.


Easily track your return on investment by watching your engagement, loyalty and brand recognition rates go up on our user-friendly dashboard.

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121 Funcionality

A complete platform that empowers your team, while offering personalized, efficient and quick  customer service to your clients.

Customer service  24/7

Always available and present for your clients.
Never lose a sale again or leave your clients unattendent.

Data and Reports

Stay ahead of the game with accurate analysis. Utilize customized dashboards with your KPIs and powerful reporting functions to act tactically and plan strategically.

Fresh Content

Our platform enables you to keep your content consistently updated with relavant information to answer common questions and provide timely support for clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Automated responses don’t have to be robotic. We strive to make interactions with our assistants friendly and conversational, delivering a better client experience.


Manage, attend and delight your clients, all in one platform.

121: Our Approach

We work closely to you at every step, bringing your clients closer to you along the journey.

As your technology partner, we’re ready to support you, from choosing the best solution to tracking operations post-launch.

Finding Solutions

We pinpoint key areas of improvement and provide well-planned strategies specific to your needs.

Specialized Teams 

Our highly experienced teams have real world knowledge about how to design, implement and support system architecture.

World Class Suport 

Our client success team is dedicated to resolving all of your issues, from analysis and best practices to supporting your operational challenges.


Track and analyze scripts, as well as test flows to continuously improve your assistants.

Our Cases

Check out how digital assistants helped transform guests’ experiences and how integration with internal teams and processes can generate incredible results. 

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I’m IZI, Guide 121’s virtual assistent 

From the beginning, our overarching goal was to create an assistant that we can relate and engage easily with, as Guide 121 understood that the best way to create unique experiences was to create an assistant with a human touch, a friendly, welcoming presence.

Today, assistants are a vital piece in keeping close relationships with clients while modernizing business communications.

Your company can count on me! But, if you prefer, we can build a unique persona for you.

Increase sales

Answer commonly asked questions

Attend requests

Send reminders

Gather feedbacks

24/7 Client service

Sou a IZI, a assistente virtual da Guide121

A partir de uma ideia humanizada de assistência, e da vontade de proporcionar experiências únicas, a Guide121 compreendeu o quão importante é apresentar a figura de uma assistente acolhedora e amigável.

Para manter uma relação de proximidade com os clientes e modernizar a comunicação das empresas, hoje em dia, as assistentes são indispensáveis.

Sua empresa pode contar comigo ou, se preferir, desenvolver a própria persona.

Realizo vendas

Tiro dúvidas

Atendo solicitações

Realizo vendas

Tiro dúvidas

Atendo solicitações

Envio lembretes

Envio lembretes

Colho feedbacks

Atendo 24/7

Colho feedbacks

Atendo 24/7

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